[NEWS] 110307 TVXQ Was Hurt By JYJ's Departure

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[NEWS] 110307 TVXQ Was Hurt By JYJ's Departure

Post by nadia_junsu on Wed Mar 09, 2011 8:49 am

Korean boy band, TVXQ, who recently attended the filming of variety show “Golden Fishery”, discussed for the first time about the three members who left and formed JYJ and admitted that they were very hurt by the incident.

According to the Korean media, YunHo shared that both ChangMin and he were totally not aware that JaeJoong and the other two members would suddenly announce the annulment of the contract, as well as take legal actions against the company. As a fellow member of TVXQ, he was extremely disappointed.

YunHo pointed out that after the conflict between JYJ and SM Entertainment took place, numerous fans who supported JaeJoong attacked him as well as his family through the Internet, causing him a lot of distress. As to why TVXQ had disintegrated suddenly, YunHo felt that it could be due to the fact that they had received too much at a young age, hence causing them to lose sight of themselves and be disillusioned.

During the program, YunHo and ChangMin reminisced the last live performance they had as five members. ChangMin said that the Kōhaku Uta Gassen held at the end of last year was very extravagant. However, at the thought that that was possibly the last performance together with all five members, his feelings immediately became very heavy. YunHo also expressed that back when the five members of TVXQ started with nothing in Japan and worked their way up, he’d never imagined that they would go their separate ways just as they were about to reap their success and rewards.

Source: WorldJournal News
Translation: halo92 @ OneTVXQ.com
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Re: [NEWS] 110307 TVXQ Was Hurt By JYJ's Departure

Post by Cassienad on Wed Mar 09, 2011 9:14 am

I never imagine too oppa... ):
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