[NEWS] 110310 Tohoshinki is Very Popular in Japan Even After the 3 Members Broke Away

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[NEWS] 110310 Tohoshinki is Very Popular in Japan Even After the 3 Members Broke Away

Post by nadia_junsu on Thu Mar 10, 2011 7:21 am

The group Tohoshinki is maintaining its popularity in Japan even after JYJ broke away from the team.

According the survey that Recochoku (Japanese music download site) has carried on with its 1500 members, Tohoshinki was ranked on the second place for “The ranking for the artist with cool dancing”. Their title track “Why? (Keep Your Head Down”, which was the center of attention in Korea with its powerful dancing also won its acceptance in Japan.

The group which was ranked number one was the 14 members’ dance unit EXILE, 3rd place was AAA, 4th place was Namie Amuro. They were ranked with the singers who represent Japan.

The first single that Tohoshinki released in Japan after JYJ broke away from the team, “Why?” was ranked No. 1 in the Oricon monthly chart of January. Especially, the sales of the album for the first 6 days after release (release date: Jan 26) counted up to 231000, dispelling all the concerns that their popularity will drop.

Tohoshinki will release the repackage album of “Why?” in Japan on Mar 30, and will hold full-scale activities. In this album, in addition to the songs which were popular in Korea ,“Why?” “How Can I?” “MAXIMUM”, there will be a new song “Koredakeha wakattehoshii / Before U Go”.

Source: Japanese.joins.com
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