[NEWS] TVXQ's Yunho embrassed actress Lim Yejin?

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[NEWS] TVXQ's Yunho embrassed actress Lim Yejin? Empty [NEWS] TVXQ's Yunho embrassed actress Lim Yejin?

Post by nadia_junsu on Sat Apr 02, 2011 10:20 pm

[NEWS] TVXQ's Yunho embrassed actress Lim Yejin? Df011f45e7b2b388c06f786330b5883c

Actress Lim Yejin revealed on a recent episode of SBS "Strong Heart" that she was humiliated by TVXQ's Yunho. While Yejin reached the height of career in the 70s with numerous films, the actress has also appeared in dramas like "Boys Before Flowers," "Goong" and "Full House."

The actress began, “One day, I went to go eat at a cart bar. I was sitting with Kang Nam Gil when people started taking pictures and going crazy.”

She continued, “I lifted my head to face the group of young students to thank them and one of the girls screamed. I thought, 'I must still be a big hit these days.'”

Then she realized that TVXQ's Yunho was sitting at the table behind hers. “The young students couldn’t chase U-Know Yunho around while he ate, so they were taking pictures of him with us in between.”

After they realized the true reason for the fans' excitment, “we left quickly.”

What do you think of Yejin's anecdote?

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source: newsen and tohosomnia
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